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Ensure a smooth and efficient communication platform. Control your projector, screen, lights, sound and blinds all through one device.



Align your restaurant or club with 21st century solutions. Integrate all your different electronic devices to be managed from a single source.


Whether you want to host a hi-tech conference, control your lecture rooms centrally, manage your security systems or monitor energy usage, our solutions are all intuitive and easy-to-use.


A range of security solutions are available to protect your business from theft, accidents, fire and other risks — all integrated with lighting, audio and other components to ensure the correct response


Whether you want to cut traveling expenses, maximise the impact of your presentations, ensure that the right tools are available for your meetings or you would like to control your audio, video and security resources from a central point, numerous cost and time saving solutions are available.


Not only will you impress your clients and personnel with state-of-the-art automated and integrated equipment, you will also be able to deliver your message in a clear and desired manner.


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Our conferencing solutions for your business
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Talk to us about our Maxhub solutions for small, medium and large conference rooms as well as our solutions for auditoriums and open spaces. For more information visit www.maxhub.com .

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Endless window shading solutions available for commercial and residential installations
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Lutron’s new Contract Roller is a comprehensive, commercial grade roller shade line designed to meet the performance and budget requirements of any commercial application Simple specification and configuration Over 300 high performance and sustainable fabrics – browse and order free samples at www.PerformanceShadingAdvisor.comA complete roller shade line for commercial applications.A single-provider solution that seamlessly integrates the…

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6 Smart office technology trends for 2023
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Over the past few years, working habits have drastically changed which have an impact on the following trends at the office for 2023: Smart Conferencing Today, office-based jobs are more reliant on conferences and meetings than ever before. Although the recent changes to working habits have caused in-person meetings to become less frequent. In fact,…

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